Postal Service

       The Hilliard Postal Service began because the railroad was developed in the area.  The Norwich Township post office was in the home of David Smiley and operated from 1852 to 1854.  In 1854, an office was opened at the Hilliard’s Station.  That is when the ‘s was dropped off the name and it became known as “Hilliard.”
       Elisha Wright was the first Hilliard Postmaster and he operated the office out of his home.  Throughout the years, the post office has been located in other buildings, the Winterringer Building, drug stores, and groceries.  The office changed locations from personal homes, Main Street, Center Street, and Norwich Street.  These changes were based on the needs of the growing community.        
       The first delivery was made by horse and buggy.  On February 1857, Ellis Vernon Gray was the first carrier to deliver the mail on foot.  He had perfect attendance until his death on February 24, 1863.  In the 1890's, there were 6 mail carriers using horse drawn vehicles.  In 1917 there were 5 rural routes.  Each carrier would travel 24 miles per day.  In 1953, there was a carrier who traveled about 70 miles per day!  In 1960, the Hilliard office was serving about 25,000 people in a nine square mile area.
       As many new homes and businesses came into Hilliard, there was confusion about what the street numbers should be.  Many used a number they thought was right, others had no number at all, while others used a number that the utility company had given them.  In 1974, a county wide numbering system was used.  Hilliard was the first suburban area to adopt this system. 
In 1984, the current building was built on Leap Road.  It is 11,300 square feet.  24 cars can park there; the lobby has a self-service area, and 800 post boxes.  It opened February 14, 1987.

The price of stamps began in 1863 at 2 cents per letter.  This has increased over the years.  In 2007 the cost of a stamp increased to 41¢.

Adapted by Brooke Germaine